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Committal Flowers - Fresh Rosemary & Petals

Committal Flowers - Fresh Rosemary & Petals

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Fresh Petal Colour

Rosemary & White Rose Petals,  fresh rosemary symbolizes remembrance of the departed. White roses symbolise various sentiments including innocence and signify purity, loyalty and new beginnings for those saying goodbye.

You can scatter them near the casket, place them on the coffin, or distribute them for attendees to hold or place as a tribute.  These petals can also be released into the wind during a memorial service, or scattered with ashes.

These natural elements not only add a special touch but also help create a poignant atmosphere during this emotional time. They allow family and friends to express their feelings in a meaningful and symbolic way and provide comfort to those attending the service.  It is a beautiful way to honor their memory and offer solace to those present.

You have the option to request a specific colored petal for your arrangements, here are some considerations based on traditional meanings associated with different colors:

Red Petals,  Symbolize love, courage, and respect. They can signify deep affection and enduring love for the departed.

Pink Petals, Represent grace, admiration, and appreciation. They convey gentle emotions and heartfelt sentiments.

Yellow Petals, Symbolize friendship, joy, and positivity. They can represent the happiness and warmth shared with the departed.

Purple Petals,  Signify dignity, admiration, and success. They can represent admiration for the achievements and qualities of the departed.

White Petals, Represent innocence, purity, and reverence. They symbolize the soul's purity and the hope of new beginnings.

Orange Petals, Symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. They can represent the vibrant spirit and zest for life of the departed.

When requesting a specific colour, consider the personality and your loved one or choose a color that resonates with the emotions you wish to convey.  Each colour carries its own symbolism and can add a meaningful touch to your farewell tribute.

Approx. 5 cups of fresh rose petals & rosemary sprigs

* Please Note fresh rose petals need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

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